Sofikitis, Constantinos


Stories Untold – Morocco project, 2017


Morocco won’t allow for a dull moment.
Hospitable, humble and polite, Moroccan people have not lost any trace of their dignity.
Despite being ever present in their daily lives, poverty is not a trait of their souls, which remain rich and untainted by the hardship often surrounding them.Images of impoverishment. Images that are conflicting. Images that are infuriating.
Roads that have been destroyed, parks that look more like landfills, urban decay, neighborhoods slowly dying out and yet they inhabit people who’s souls are ‘civilized’.
A few blocks away from the famous medinas, life appears to be ‘frozen’.
The remnants of a rich and bright civilization create a country that is at once captivating and contradictory.
Faces are untainted and serene, eyes shining bright.
So long as the setting insists on spurring insecurity, allowing darkness to infiltrate the mind, so much more does Morocco resist standing, illuminating the mind and proving that what appears on the exterior does not necessarily reflect what lies within, that is the soul; Safety is not a privilege restricted to the elite. 


Dimensions105 × 140 cm
B&W - Color


Digital Photography


1 out of 5


Kourd Gallery and Constantinos Sofikitis

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