Sofikitis, Petros


Raising Hopes – Hinterland project, 2017

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Where life begins and ends
Hinterland, the remote backcountry. A land far beyond anything that could caress one’s soul, offer it solace and healing.
In the middle of nowhere, five characters are in search of their own promised land.
Sullen and exhausted, they retreat in order to experience what is brought about by their rejection.
A rejection they let happen by believing in it and allowing it.
And yet, it is not real.
The distressing feeling of emptiness is an illusion.
This emptiness surrounds you whoever you are and regardless of what you have achieved so far, forcing you to wear the mask of isolation.
And yet, it is not real.
It is one’s inflated ego that leads to narcissism, reckless choices that leave souls wrecked, routine that holds onto frozen smiles, unfulfilling love affairs that disorientate love itself, bad habits that make one’s soul feel empty and inferior.
In the end, however, it is the mind that leads to the light.
It is the light that leads to the right direction.

text by Katerina Papapostolou

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Dimensions105 × 140 cm
B&W - Color


Digital Photography


1 out of 5


Kourd Gallery and Constantinos Sofikitis


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