Blok, Diana


Ode to Rodin, 1983


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Born 1952 in Montevideo, Uruguay. She lives in Bogota, Colombia, Mexico City end Guatemala.

Teaching Experience

For the past 30 years she has taught master classes and given workskhops throughout the Netherlands as well as abroad in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts/The Hague, NL, Rijksacademie/Amsterdam, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, University for Industrial Arts Helsinki/Finland, Goteborg Photography School, Sabanci University, Istanbul. During this period she developed a very efficient method of facilitating the creative process called ” Invisible Portraits”. At the moment her focus is on developing this method further in Brasil, Argentina and Uruguay as well as in Europe.

Her projects have been supported on various occasions by the Foundation of Visual Arts and Architecture in Amsterdam as well as by the Mondriaan Foundation of the Netherlands.

Dimensions20 × 28 cm
B&W - Color


stampa ai sali d’argento


firmata e intitolata sul retro

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